Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Teddy's First Haircut!!!!!!!!!!

So this past weekened Teddy now a 1 1/2 year old, and one month finally got his FIRST HAIRCUT!!!! One of the many milestones that usually happens in toddlerhood. However......I do believe this milestone usually consists of a mommy and/or daddy or even a LICENSED hair cutter person doing the job...........not his
4 YEAR OLD SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, my daughter decided it would be a good idea to take her craft scissors {safety first right}, and cut her baby brother's little blonde curls that caused him to have a baby mullet......see Teddy has barely no hair on top, but has {HAD} pretty good hair growth going on in the back of head that was curly and pretty long therefore:
short on top long in the back=mullet status.
I just felt so bad cutting it since he barely had any hair to begin with, but Taylor had other plans in the works. When me and hubs seen his hair was cut........he immediately blamed me!!! Because, I have said many times the mullet needs to go, and of course the hubs thought it was cool and funny to show off to his friends. Anywho, my daughter being the daddy's girl's she is told Thomas that I cut it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anddddd he believed her.....I know the nerve of that man!!!! So, for about 30 minutes he kept telling me that he knew I did it until he was looking around in Tay's room and stumble upon...............
some curly blonde hair behind her toy box.
We had a talk with her, and she had no princess bike riding for the weekend.....she took that pretty hard. I just can't believe my 4 year old cut his hair, hid it and then lied about it.....she may have been misbehaving, but I was more amazed with her ability to plan all of that!!!!

Have any of you had hair cutting adventures with your kids???



  1. AHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHAHAH AHAHAHA HAHAH! No hair cutting adventures yet in my world, but that is stinkin hilarious!!!

  2. Lol it was pretty funny we had to be way serious around Tay so she would think we were very mad!!!!

  3. You are a winner on my blog! You need to put an email on your blog so i can contact you miss!! Technically you shouldnt even win because you dont have one! But ill just leave you a comment and hope you see this. BUT get an email up miss!

  4. alysha thanks soooo much =) I just sent ya an email!!!!! =))