Tuesday, August 3, 2010

summer to-do #7

So my summer to do list post inspired me to browse online at some very organized and might I add very pretty closets.......if you need some inspiration take a looksie at what I found....

You can actually buy this whole system here

Isn't this the prettiest lil' closet you've ever seen!!

Mmmmm this makes me happy........

Update on closet organization project:

1. So far I have organized all our closets by color which is what I always do

2. the kids have colored huggable hangers.....Tay lavendar Teddy blue

****Next on the closet do to list is buy the hanging bags for shoes, shirts, and sweaters.......

Anyone doing any organization projects? Any tips??



  1. I am pretty sure I want the pink closet for myself :0) Welcome back, we missed your posts on here. I'm terrible at organizing closets, but can't wait to see how this process goes!!!

  2. I know I love the pink one!!!! and thank you we finally got internet so there shouldn't be any more probs =)))

  3. I love love love the pink closet!!!!!!!
    I cannot wait to buy a house so I can paint and decorate the kids rooms and have amazing closets like that!!!!!! =)

  4. I know!!!! the pink closet is amazing ;)