Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Top 10.

It was one of those nice relaxing hang around the house type of weekends.......ahhhh I love those soooo refreshing usually we are running around all over the place.

1. Our weekend nights were filled up watching True Blood that we rented from Netflix......once the kiddies went to sleep of course.

2. Me and Tay made some wonderfully delicous red velvet cupcakes with homemade cream cheese icing my fave flavor!

3. School {Pre-k for Tay} starts in 2 weeks......I can't believe one year from now Tay will be starting kindergarten.

4. I recently came across a great company Clairmont Designs that sells beautiful frames and sign for your kiddies rooms. I will definitely be ordering one soon.........
5. We had our fair share of rain this weekend and thunderstorms and I LOVED it.

6. Even with the rain we made our way to the beach when we found a pocket of clear of skies and guess what we saw floating around in the crystal clear waters????!!!! SWANS!!! Yes swans two beautiful white swans has anyone ever seen this before?? That's weird right? I thought it was totally random, but they were such a sight to see.

7. Teddy did his fair share of pee-pee and #2 in the potty. Woohooooo

8. I am getting excited for Halloween....I know its still far, but Bath and Body Works had there halloween candle lit in their store and it smelled delishhhhhhh. And I want this from there too

9. I finished the first book of 8 total in the Pretty Little Liars book was very good and mysterious can't wait to read the next 7!!!

10. Love running with my dog Roscoe........even if he got a little heat exhaustation and laid down on the ground refusing to get up for a solid 15 minutes in the blistering sun!!! No more middle day runs for us!!!

So how was everyone's weekend??!!! Hope it was good one =)


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Teddy's First Haircut!!!!!!!!!!

So this past weekened Teddy now a 1 1/2 year old, and one month finally got his FIRST HAIRCUT!!!! One of the many milestones that usually happens in toddlerhood. However......I do believe this milestone usually consists of a mommy and/or daddy or even a LICENSED hair cutter person doing the job...........not his
4 YEAR OLD SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, my daughter decided it would be a good idea to take her craft scissors {safety first right}, and cut her baby brother's little blonde curls that caused him to have a baby mullet......see Teddy has barely no hair on top, but has {HAD} pretty good hair growth going on in the back of head that was curly and pretty long therefore:
short on top long in the back=mullet status.
I just felt so bad cutting it since he barely had any hair to begin with, but Taylor had other plans in the works. When me and hubs seen his hair was cut........he immediately blamed me!!! Because, I have said many times the mullet needs to go, and of course the hubs thought it was cool and funny to show off to his friends. Anywho, my daughter being the daddy's girl's she is told Thomas that I cut it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anddddd he believed her.....I know the nerve of that man!!!! So, for about 30 minutes he kept telling me that he knew I did it until he was looking around in Tay's room and stumble upon...............
some curly blonde hair behind her toy box.
We had a talk with her, and she had no princess bike riding for the weekend.....she took that pretty hard. I just can't believe my 4 year old cut his hair, hid it and then lied about it.....she may have been misbehaving, but I was more amazed with her ability to plan all of that!!!!

Have any of you had hair cutting adventures with your kids???


Thursday, August 12, 2010

the happiest place on earth.

If you have been following my blog you should know I lived in Cali for a few years....and you probably don't know that I along with my 4 year old LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE Disneyland.

Exhibit A:

We love anything disney for that matter. Disney movies, disney toys, the disney store......and of course DISNEYWORLD!!!!!!! I went as a child many times being that my mama's side of the fam lives in Florida, so at least once a year we would visit the magical kingdom. Since, we are now livng in Florida I can not wait to take the kiddies to one of my favorite childhood places................

hopefully we get to soon

anddddd then the next day we can go here:


seashore, seashells, and sand castles

McGlothin Family NestSince moving to Florida it has been a pretty easy transition......both for me, the hubs, and the kids. One reason the hubs has all his friends from officer's school down here {I know lucky him}. For me and the kids well there is plenty to do to fill our days at home. We live only 15 minutes from one of our fave places to go.........the BEACH.
Oh how I love that place.
My parents live a whole 5 minutes away from the beach, so you can imagine during my high school years how much I frequented the beach. ALOT. Even in the winter months I would go for a walk or a run.......have you ever been on the beach with snow on it??!! It is a sight to see. So, when I lived in Cali I lived far from the beach. I know everyone always thinks that if you live in California you are within walking distance from the beach and Hollywood. I am here to tell you a secret..........there are places in Cali that are far far from the beach and the city of Angels. We lived about 2 hours away from the beach.......that was really tough on me!!! I am just sooooo estatic to be back by the ocean!!!!!!!
This week I am thankful for so many things
let me narrow it down for ya:
25. living close to the beach once again
26. Teddy and Tay's love for the beach
27. my husband for the joining the navy......most
of his potential duty stations are close to a beach
28. building sand castles
29. finding pretty seashells
30. days at the swimming pool
31. the pond in our neighborhood
32. crab cakes.......Mmmmm I loveeee them
34. lunchtime in the sunshine
35. rainy days in the summer
So make your day a little brighter and tell me what you are thankful for??
anddddd link up too =)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

unplanned bathroom birth.

After my Versatile Blogger post I had a few requests to expand on....

#4 aka Teddy's very UNPLANNED bathroom birth.

With both Tay and Teddy I wrote their birth stories shortly after they were its be pretty accurate I am just not too sure on times since I wasn't really paying attention to that. here ya go my unplanned, un-assisted, homebirth.....

Little background first:

With Tay I had some complications after her birth that could've been prevented, but the nurses on duty did not believe me when I kept telling them something was wrong I was in an immense amount of pain way more than childbirth.........turns out I was right I had a hematoma in my left labia that was left untreated which resulted in it exploding {sorry for the TMI}, emergency surgery on my vagina just hours after birth, 50+ stitches, an a blood transfusion......I was tramatized, angry, sad, not confident at all in my body to birth a child. So, when we decided to start trying for a second I had already done alot research about childbirth, and had come to terms with the events that happened after Tay's birth. I researched online, I read many books, and watched the Business of Being Born. My confidence was re-newed, and I decided to go with a hospital-based midwife this time around........

Teddy's birth story

It was January 3rd 9 days before my due date. I woke up to contractions at around 6 am.....they were very light, faint, so I went on with my morning. There was cleaning that needed to be done, so thats what I did, and talked on the phone with my mom. Contractions were not patterned at all I would have one then not another for a half hr., then the next would be 10 minutes.....very random so I figured it was going to be a while. Boy was I completely WRONG!!!

After four hours of very unpatterned contractions.....all of sudden at around 10 am they became about 3 minutes apart and INTENSE. We had absolutely NO warning, there was nothing about my contractions that hinted the transistioning stage of labor was just around the corner. So, Thomas immediately calls the sis in law (Charlotte), and tells her to come over to get Tay. The car had been loaded with hospital bag and car seat for a few hours, so we were ready to go.
But, then I went into the bathroom I had a urge to just sit, squat something to relieve the I sat on the toilet....what a relief that was. Then as I stood up I heard a POP water came gushing out, and Tay said running down the hall........

"Daddy mommy peed her pants!!!"

At this point I guess my birthing instincts kicked in, and I wasn't even thinking of the fact that this baby was going to be born now in the doctor no midwife no nurse.....just me, my very excited 2 yr old, and my hubs who was running up and down hall for no appearant reason. So, I told Thomas to look down there and he said I think its a head!!! He then didn't stay to help me, but run out of the bathroom to who knows where {he was freaking out....a bit in shock couldn't imagine why}. Oh, did I mention Tay has been in the doorway of the bathroom this whole time just watching me, being completely calm, and asking me if I am ok. So, instincts take over again....I squat on the ground of the bathroom, and literally I didn't even have to push. There was 3 parts first the top of his head, then his head, and then his full body......I caught him {what an AMAZING feeling}, and Tay says " Ohhhh hi baby brother"......not even scared just had a huge smile on her face.....I know who is this child right??!!!!

By this time Thomas is talking to the 911 operator told her he is born, and she instructed him to get a towel to wrapped out him....we do....he is breathing, beautiful, eyes wide open just taking in his new world. Then about 5 to 10 minutes after Teddy was born Char walks in to pick up Tay so we can go to the hospital to have our son.....oops already had him.....she just stands in the doorway speechless taking in her nephew. Thomas.....he's still freaking out....doing who knows what. Then several minutes after Char arrived so did the fire department and peaceful, amazing, incredible birth interrupted with a bunch of guys in my bathroom doorway starring at me.


More so, because I went to high school with one of the EMT's......yeah I know. Good thing I had my shirt on and the way the towel was I was pretty covered. But, they were all so great....they cut the cord, and put us up on the bed thingy. They even stayed at the hospital till we got settled because the nurses on duty were being quite rude to us, the EMT's were amazing I will always remember their kindness.

So there you have it. Throughout my entire pregnancy I prayed, did some positive thinking, had matras, all about having a natural birth, with no complications, where I could be free to labor how I wanted......well God answered my prayers just not in the way I thought he would. He has a humor I have learned.


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Friday, August 6, 2010

I've been set free!!!

Free from breastfeeding that is.

Last week Teddy officially stopped breastfeeding. No doing on my part, he weaned himself........and just didn't care for the early morning feedings that were left of our breastfeeding sessions. Even though, he hasn't been full time breastfeeding for a while just the one or two sessions a day, now he is down to zero nursing so I feel like its totally official now. That means I am no longer a milk makin' mama. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love the bonding time that happens when you nurse, and all the other benefits that come along with breastfeeding. For me luckily breastfeeding both times was pretty easy. But, I must admit it is nice to not be limited to the 400mg of caffeine a day, wonder if that chip and salsa midnight snack will give the babe gas, have a margarita when I please without making sure if there is a bag of non-alcoholic milk in the fridge, and I don't have to worry about PUMPING!!!

Let me tell you how much I despise pumping...............

I really don't know why. It has never been hard for me. Even with Tay I was able to always pump out the amount I needed......but I really don't know what it is maybe that I have to just sit there for 10 plus minutes, and can't do to much else when pumping. Whatever it is I am glad those pumping days are long gone!!! I hated it, but breastfeeding is what I wanted to do so I dealt with it. A whole freakin year of pumping while working a 40 hour week let me tell you I was beginning to feel like a.......diary farm. But, I won't complain that much since it was my choice so I am done. Thanks for listening =)

back to my point its so nice to just be able to have as much coffee as I want in the morning, and even grab a refreshing red bull without worrying if I am going to create a hyper active baby. I have been limited on my beverages {sometimes food intake} since I got preggers which was in........April 2008!!! And as you should know by now I lurveeee starbucks particularly the high caffeine drinks there, red bulls, sweet tea, a margarita from time to time, a nice glass of wine.....all of those contain either caffeine or alcohol. Which, I still had during my breastfeeding era, but just within limitation, and with the alcohol I would pump before. You get the point if you want a glass or two of wine you can't just drink it without planning first or double checking the frozen milk supply. So, I feel like I can be a bit excited about this moment.....right??!!

But, another thing I must admit weaning both times has definitely been harder on me than on the babies. I am excited to be able to eat and drink what I want when I want.......but I also miss those days of a growing baby in my belly, the first moments right after giving birth that are so amazing, and those times when a little baby would just fall asleep in my arms......

Does anyone else find it exciting to be able to eat/drink{in particular caffeine} what you want after breastfeeding?! Or if you didn't breastfeed after being preggers??

Thursday, August 5, 2010

the greatest gift ever.

McGlothin Family Nest

This Thursday I am very thankful for my two beautiful children. In the mommy blogging world we talk about our kids ALL the time. So its obvious that we love our children, but rarely do I put it out there so plainly that I am so very very thankful that I have my children. They are truly a gift, but with the crayons drawings on the walls, diaper explosions, meltdowns, etc.....sometimes I forget about what an amazing thing it is to be a mom. I have been realizing more and more I just need to sit back, and let some stuff go. Early mornings and late nights, getting peed on, a screaming toddler in a fully packed grocery store is going to happen. Sometimes in the moment I forget that alot of these things will pass with time,and that these things do not happen the majority of the time. Most of the time its a too smart for her own good 4 year old who is obsessed with disney movies and will do a monologue of Princess and the Frog upon request {southern accent included}, and a toddler how is such a mama's boy and eats every 10 minutes. I absolutely love being mother. And I have so much love for my children its amazing.

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,

the fruit of the womb a reward.

Like arrows in a hand of warrior
are the children of one's youth
Blessed is the man

who fills his quiver with them!

He shall not be put to shame

when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.

Psalms 127:3-5

According to God children are a reward! Yes a reward......we should treat them as such. With love and respect. Respecting our children may seem a bit backward. But if we give respect, then we will get it. Like when my 4 year old is trying to show me the 10th picture she has colored today, when I am attmepting to cook dinner. I need stop just for a sec and say " Wow that is so pretty great job" instead of "ok sweety in a minute (aka never)". Children are a reward, gift, but they are also our responsiblity. Part of showing them our love and showing God that we are very thankful for them is taking our time guide them, so that they grow up with strong values and morals...........

Train up a child in the way he should go;

even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6

I am so very thankful for my children, and my job of being mother. There is no greater gift that I will ever receive. And, I will do my very best to treat my gifts with the utmost love, respect, and guidance.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Top Baby Bows & twenty five design Giveaway

Okay ladies here is a giveway I want to share going on at one of my fave blogs The Tarr Pit. I am definitely trying to win this, because 1. I am OBSESSED with buying hair bows for Tay......

and 2. because the giveway includes headbands for mommies which I am always wearing to keep the hair out of my face......except these headbands are not your normal boring walmart kind instead they are chic, stylish and fab.

they would for sure dress up the norm stay at home mama attire I find myself in on a daily basis......

Soooo cute right??!!!! I get extra entries for posting about it, and as much as I would lurveeee to win this I would also be super excited if one of my readers won!!! So go over to
The Tarr Pit and enter the giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

summer to-do #7

So my summer to do list post inspired me to browse online at some very organized and might I add very pretty closets.......if you need some inspiration take a looksie at what I found....

You can actually buy this whole system here

Isn't this the prettiest lil' closet you've ever seen!!

Mmmmm this makes me happy........

Update on closet organization project:

1. So far I have organized all our closets by color which is what I always do

2. the kids have colored huggable hangers.....Tay lavendar Teddy blue

****Next on the closet do to list is buy the hanging bags for shoes, shirts, and sweaters.......

Anyone doing any organization projects? Any tips??


Monday, August 2, 2010

the simple life.

I have been pretty happy with how. simple. our life has been since we moved. We live 10 minutes from a gas station, and at least 20 from a grocery store, target is farther, and starbucks is about 20-25 minutes. The beach is 15 minutes away, and we go on a weekly basis. It is beautiful the water is clear and the sand is white. I love it. We take walks daily, and pass by the pond that is in our neighborhood. We decided not get cable, so me and the kids fill up our days playing outside in the sunshine {extreme humidity}, catching up on my reading, naps, and playing barbies. Awe its so nice. I could complain about being bored or that I can not get my nonfat iced caramel macchiato almost everyday. But, there is more to life than dvr, shopping, and as hard as it is to admit.....starbucks {I still love you}. Yes, sometimes we all need a little simplicity in our life. By taking certain things away it can allow for more quality time with our kids, our husbands, friends, family, and get those creative juices flowing to come up with things to do. When I was a and my cousins would always say "we are bored" and my grandma's response would always be the same " There is no such thing as being bored, there is always something to do." I think my grandma was definitely on to something.....when I start to feel the boredom taking over I use her philosophy, and it has worked everytime. Sometimes I don't need to actually "do" anything but grab a nice big glass of sweet tea and enjoy the view of tall, old, beautiful trees and green grass in our backyard.
How do ya'll simplify your life?? Or what do you need to simplify?
Have a wonderful day!!!! And if you have a sec vote please =)

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Friday, July 30, 2010


Sorry for the interruption of delayed blogs. We have been having internet and computer probs.....but my laptop is fixed and we will have internet this coming week, so stay tuned!!! Anywho I thought I better do a quick post while it is working, because who knows how long it will last!!! Since I have been without internet and computer for over a week you may be wondering what I have been doing with all my time??? Besides taking care of the kids and house, just going through those last boxes in the gargage, multiple goodwill donations, making my own iced coffee because the nearest starbucks is 20 minutes away { I know its been pretty hard} and a few other things......

Enjoying the beautiful beach I planted myself a little herb garden
and trying to wear these little ones out!!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!!


Friday, July 23, 2010

nap time, hot guys, and soap operas.

Yay!! Its Friday!! Since this is one of my favorite days I figured I would post something fun for you guys. See read and have a great day!!!

I love being back at home with my kiddies because well for that reason I love being at home with them and spending a huge amount of time with them......I love being able to tend to our home, cook dinner every{almost} night, and be there for my breadwinner of a husband, but there is one reason why I love being back at home that isn't soooo family oriented. Have you ever heard of a little daytime show known as General Hospital? I have been viewer of soaps {two in particular the one just mentioned and Days of our Lives} for a long time.... no really... a LONG time when I was in elementary school my summer babysitter would watch them during nap time. I was a bit older than the toddlers running around, so that meant I got to stay up and watch the soaps {interesting judgement on her part}. Now that I have kids of my own I am carrying on the tradition...... their nap time is my soap watching time {definitely helps pass the time when folding laundry}. If you are not into the sometimes corny, elaborate storylines or the questionable acting talent then at least catch it for the eye candy and if you do not already know...... shirts of these men do come off on a regular basis.

This is Jason.... "the myserious hi I'm in the mob type"

Yes J. Franco is on there and he is by far the hottest serial killer you will ever meet......
The hot greek prince {elaborate just a tinge}
Hope you enjoyed ladies.....have a fabulous day!!

Any soap lovers out there?? Which ones do you watch?

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thankful for Patience {its a hard one to master}

McGlothin Family Nest
As I sit here in our new house, a new town, a new state.....It still doesn't feel real. I can not help, but be extremely thankful for the new path our life has taken. Just a year ago I was commuting 2 hours each way to work, Thomas was applying endlessly for teaching jobs, I was beyond tired, Thomas was very very frustrated....but we still had patience. Thomas is way better at this virtue than I. During our college years and after he was always encouraged me with motivating words to have.......patience. Such a hard thing to master at least for me it is. In college, I learned about "delayed gratification" essentially this psyc term just means patience. The ability to look beyond the here and now, and know that somewhere down the road you will have gratification. College students have to have this in order to see that in a few years they will a degree, mommies to be have to look beyond the nausea, swollen feet, and sleepless nights knowing that in several months they will be holding a beautiful newborn baby. Yes patience is hard. But over these past years my amount of patience has greatly improved.

Moreover {let us also be full in joy now} let us exalt and triumph in our troubles and rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that pressure and affliction and hardship produce patient and unawsering endurance.
Romans 5:3
What is the point of being patient and waiting??? The well known cliche "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger". Yes we have all heard it, but that is because it is the truth. If we conquer a trial, challenge, hurdle in life with patience and a positive attitude it will only you make you stronger, and more able to overcome the next one. So during those years of communting to college, studying during Tay's naptime, then commuting to work, making ends meet, and much discouragement along the way.....
I waited patiently and expectantly for the Lord; and He inclined to me and heard my cry.
Psalm 40:1

Now I am not saying I waited patiently without complaining, wondering when is this going to end, crying many times.....I did all of those things......ALOT. But, as time went on those things became less and less because I realized....he has a plan. And even though, I totally do not get what that plan is or even how it is going happen its there and it will happen. Guess what???? It did. Here's another cliche for ya "Good things come to those who wait"
But if we hope for what is still unseen by us. We wait for it with patience and composure.
Romans 8:25
So today I am thankful for:
11. Thomas being accepted into the Naval Officer Program
12. Finding a house that was move in ready....meaning we
got the keys the day after we found it on craigslist!
13. having supportive parents
14. finishing college
15. a patient husband
16. living 15 minutes away from the beach
17. new opportunities
What are you thankful for today? Link up!!!


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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We are here!!!

We made it!!! I just found the laptop charger as I was unpacking the hundreds of boxes in our house, so I thought I would give ya'll a little update! We made to Florida Friday and my mom drove through the night on Thursday. And let me tell you it was soooo worth the sleep deprivation. The kids and dog slept for almost the ENTIRE trip it was amazing. So, if you have a long road trip planned in the near future, and have kids grab yourself an iced caramel macchiato and a red bull. Anywho I will have a more entertaining post later this week, so come back!!!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday.

I said in my previous post the List.....that I try to be positive even when well there seems to not be alot of positivity going on. When I start getting in that bah humbug mood I remind myself of the blessings I have in my life big or small. There are always things in life, moments that we can be thankful I will attempt to do Thankful Thursday every Thursday. Hope you will do the same =)

This week I am thankful for:

1. Hearing good news from my dad's doctor.
2. Thomas finding a house for us to move into immediately!
3. actually wish me luck!!!
4. Being back at home with the kiddies full time.
5. the beach and my kids loving the beach as much as I do.
6. sweet tea....enough said.
7. my single {no hubs or babes} friends that still hang out with me and my kids; and we still have plently of stuff in common.
8. Having 2 beautiful healthy kids.
9. being in love with my husband.
10. Prayers......when 2 or more gather. Do it =)

What you are thankful for this week??

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Versatile Blogger

I am so excited!!! I got my first blog award from Jessica over at Mommyhood:Next Right....I lurveeee her blog go read it now!! And thanks again Jessica! One award to-do is to write 7 random things about myself. Thought I would do that tonight, since tomorrow night we are headed to Florida for the long awaited move....yay its finally here!!! Anywho here it is....

7 Random facts about Mrs.R:
1. I want 5 kids.....Thomas wants 2 or 3......don't think the 5 is going to happen.
2. Whenever I make brownies for dessert I eat some for breakfast the next morning.....every morning till they are gone.
3. I love being pregnant and would totally be a surragote.

4. I had Teddy in our bathroom with just me, Tay, and Thomas.....definitely NOT planned we didn't make it to the hospital more on that another day.

5. I have to be high school I was on the volleyball team, lacrosse team, crosscountry, belong to a competitive dance company, worked part time, National honor society, bake club, volunteered on a regular basis. Now looking back I don't know how I did all the crap, and still had a social life. Nonetheless I still LOVE being busy, and will create things for me to do so that I can be busy.

6. Our date night dinner place depends on if they provide a bread basket.....I am obsessed with bread and have been known to eat the whole basket of warm yummy goodness all on my own ;)

7. I really enjoy cleaning. I am serious I love when I go to someone's house and they have laundry needing to be folded or dishes to be done.....weird I know.

So there you have it THANKS again I get to pick 15 other blogs for the Versatility Award:

From Marriage to Motherhood
Exploits of a Military Mama

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3.Nominate 15 others for the award
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Cartilage Growth made my day.

My dad had a doc appointment.....and as you might of guessed we got good news!!! Let me give a little bit of background. Most should know my dad has terminal lung cancer. Well he also has a huge tumor on his neck. Not only was {has shrunk a bit from treatment} it huge, but it had destroyed most of the bone, cartilage, and vertebrates that hold your neck and head together {sorry for the graphic description}. The doc said using alot more medical terms than I will ever know, that basically the little thread that was holding everything together could...well....break at any moment and we all know what that would mean.
This finding came a day after his cancer diagnoses.....needless to say we were all a bit overwhelmed....and scared. My dad had to wear a neck brace everyday ALL day and night and couldn't drive {he was still working at a job he had been at for over 20 yrs. that he LOVES}. But then, yesterday he as I already told you had a doc appointment and the CT scan on his neck showed cartilage growth where the doctor had said there was barely nothing holding his head and neck together. Hooray!!! I never thought I would be soooo happy in my life for cartilage growth. Just to understand my excitement a bit more according to the doc new growth was not even an option, but it happened! So what does this mean???? No more brace, he can drive, cleared to go back to work!!!!!!!!! And as for the cancer.....right now the chemo did its job and it is not spreading just dormant for right now hopefully it stays that way for a while. Anyways, I am just so excited we have been waiting for some kind of good news. And, it makes so very happy to know that my dad can be comfortable again, drive again, and go back to a job he loves. I hope everyone has a fantastic day!!!
Oh and did I mention thank you God!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

hello solids bye bye cleavage

Any mama who has breastfed may know what I am talking about. I have always been on the less than full side when it comes to my cup size {small B cup to be exact}. And, I really didn't care that much about having less than impressive boobies. But then, I got preggers, had a babe, and a day later my milk came in. It hurt like hell, but after the pain subsided.....I realized my cups
runneth over in just one night!!! It was like having a free boob job. I have to be honest I was pretty excited with the consequence of breastfeeding. I never ever thought I would have the honor of putting on a C cup!!!!!!!!!! It was pure bliss. Then the baby grew and needed something other than breastmilk to fill her hungry tummy.

Hello solids bye bye cleavage. What a sad day.

But lucky me I got pregnant again. And sure enough a day after baby was born my milk arrived, and so did my C cup. HOORAY!!! But once again baby grew, and my full bust slowly dwindled down to.......well lets just say they aren't C cups anymore. Since I am being totally honest. I don't even know what size I am. I have been avoiding that trip to Victoria Secrets to have the pink measuring tape wrapped around my barely there bust. NO. I do not want to do it. It definitely won't be a C or a B.....hey I will probably get lucky if I get an A. Yes ladies I have still been wearing my too big for me bras.....because I am dreading that day to walk into Vic's Secret, and them direct to the training bra section in Walmart.

Please someone comment and tell me you've had the same experience??!!!

So I don't feel so alone in small boobieland.

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