Wednesday, August 11, 2010

unplanned bathroom birth.

After my Versatile Blogger post I had a few requests to expand on....

#4 aka Teddy's very UNPLANNED bathroom birth.

With both Tay and Teddy I wrote their birth stories shortly after they were its be pretty accurate I am just not too sure on times since I wasn't really paying attention to that. here ya go my unplanned, un-assisted, homebirth.....

Little background first:

With Tay I had some complications after her birth that could've been prevented, but the nurses on duty did not believe me when I kept telling them something was wrong I was in an immense amount of pain way more than childbirth.........turns out I was right I had a hematoma in my left labia that was left untreated which resulted in it exploding {sorry for the TMI}, emergency surgery on my vagina just hours after birth, 50+ stitches, an a blood transfusion......I was tramatized, angry, sad, not confident at all in my body to birth a child. So, when we decided to start trying for a second I had already done alot research about childbirth, and had come to terms with the events that happened after Tay's birth. I researched online, I read many books, and watched the Business of Being Born. My confidence was re-newed, and I decided to go with a hospital-based midwife this time around........

Teddy's birth story

It was January 3rd 9 days before my due date. I woke up to contractions at around 6 am.....they were very light, faint, so I went on with my morning. There was cleaning that needed to be done, so thats what I did, and talked on the phone with my mom. Contractions were not patterned at all I would have one then not another for a half hr., then the next would be 10 minutes.....very random so I figured it was going to be a while. Boy was I completely WRONG!!!

After four hours of very unpatterned contractions.....all of sudden at around 10 am they became about 3 minutes apart and INTENSE. We had absolutely NO warning, there was nothing about my contractions that hinted the transistioning stage of labor was just around the corner. So, Thomas immediately calls the sis in law (Charlotte), and tells her to come over to get Tay. The car had been loaded with hospital bag and car seat for a few hours, so we were ready to go.
But, then I went into the bathroom I had a urge to just sit, squat something to relieve the I sat on the toilet....what a relief that was. Then as I stood up I heard a POP water came gushing out, and Tay said running down the hall........

"Daddy mommy peed her pants!!!"

At this point I guess my birthing instincts kicked in, and I wasn't even thinking of the fact that this baby was going to be born now in the doctor no midwife no nurse.....just me, my very excited 2 yr old, and my hubs who was running up and down hall for no appearant reason. So, I told Thomas to look down there and he said I think its a head!!! He then didn't stay to help me, but run out of the bathroom to who knows where {he was freaking out....a bit in shock couldn't imagine why}. Oh, did I mention Tay has been in the doorway of the bathroom this whole time just watching me, being completely calm, and asking me if I am ok. So, instincts take over again....I squat on the ground of the bathroom, and literally I didn't even have to push. There was 3 parts first the top of his head, then his head, and then his full body......I caught him {what an AMAZING feeling}, and Tay says " Ohhhh hi baby brother"......not even scared just had a huge smile on her face.....I know who is this child right??!!!!

By this time Thomas is talking to the 911 operator told her he is born, and she instructed him to get a towel to wrapped out him....we do....he is breathing, beautiful, eyes wide open just taking in his new world. Then about 5 to 10 minutes after Teddy was born Char walks in to pick up Tay so we can go to the hospital to have our son.....oops already had him.....she just stands in the doorway speechless taking in her nephew. Thomas.....he's still freaking out....doing who knows what. Then several minutes after Char arrived so did the fire department and peaceful, amazing, incredible birth interrupted with a bunch of guys in my bathroom doorway starring at me.


More so, because I went to high school with one of the EMT's......yeah I know. Good thing I had my shirt on and the way the towel was I was pretty covered. But, they were all so great....they cut the cord, and put us up on the bed thingy. They even stayed at the hospital till we got settled because the nurses on duty were being quite rude to us, the EMT's were amazing I will always remember their kindness.

So there you have it. Throughout my entire pregnancy I prayed, did some positive thinking, had matras, all about having a natural birth, with no complications, where I could be free to labor how I wanted......well God answered my prayers just not in the way I thought he would. He has a humor I have learned.


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  1. LOVE IT!!!! You wrote it out perfect with so much humor!!!!!!! I just love this birth story!!!

  2. you are my new hero! i did the natural thing with bailey and i definitely did NOT hold my composure as well as you did. GO YOU!

  3. OMG!! I was at the hospital after Tay and I knew something happened but you've never told us the details! I mean I knew you had a surgery right after but that's it!! HOLY SMOKES! I only wish I could experience anything like this =( maybe by the time I have another baby I will be able to try it out. =) Great Blog! Maybe I'll write about my c-section experiences one day.

  4. @katie- haha thanks!! i did alot of research and somehow even though I am super high stress type of person I was able to be calm....don't now how I did that lol
    @jac- yeah I thought I did tell you sorry!! Yeah the nurses were beyond ridic and you should write out your birth story the kids would love to read that when they are older like us!! =)

  5. wow now that is an incredible birth story!!

  6. What an amazing story!! I love to hear about births that just happen they way they're meant to. You guys did awesome! And how annoying that the nurses were rude to you, as if you meant to give birth at home on your bathroom floor!

  7. @jenny- thank you for the kind words!!!!
    @planet pink- Yeah they were very rude and I know!!!! I could do a whole other post on them but I will refrain myself ;)