Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Top 10.

It was one of those nice relaxing hang around the house type of weekends.......ahhhh I love those soooo refreshing usually we are running around all over the place.

1. Our weekend nights were filled up watching True Blood that we rented from Netflix......once the kiddies went to sleep of course.

2. Me and Tay made some wonderfully delicous red velvet cupcakes with homemade cream cheese icing my fave flavor!

3. School {Pre-k for Tay} starts in 2 weeks......I can't believe one year from now Tay will be starting kindergarten.

4. I recently came across a great company Clairmont Designs that sells beautiful frames and sign for your kiddies rooms. I will definitely be ordering one soon.........
5. We had our fair share of rain this weekend and thunderstorms and I LOVED it.

6. Even with the rain we made our way to the beach when we found a pocket of clear of skies and guess what we saw floating around in the crystal clear waters????!!!! SWANS!!! Yes swans two beautiful white swans has anyone ever seen this before?? That's weird right? I thought it was totally random, but they were such a sight to see.

7. Teddy did his fair share of pee-pee and #2 in the potty. Woohooooo

8. I am getting excited for Halloween....I know its still far, but Bath and Body Works had there halloween candle lit in their store and it smelled delishhhhhhh. And I want this from there too

9. I finished the first book of 8 total in the Pretty Little Liars book was very good and mysterious can't wait to read the next 7!!!

10. Love running with my dog Roscoe........even if he got a little heat exhaustation and laid down on the ground refusing to get up for a solid 15 minutes in the blistering sun!!! No more middle day runs for us!!!

So how was everyone's weekend??!!! Hope it was good one =)



  1. OOOH, that frame is precious!!!! And for the first year ever, I'm excited for Halloween!

  2. I know I never really liked halloween till I had makes it more exciting lol

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