Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer To-Do's

Even though, back to school supplies are making their appearance I still wanted to post my summer to do list......yes I have a summer to do list you will quickly learn I am a list person blame it on my type A personality I just can't help here it is:

1. Go to the beach

2. Read at least 3 books.....this one, and another, and the last one

3. Start sewing.....again

4.Swim lessons for the kids

5.Potty train Teddy {he has been ready for a while but with so much going on traveling/moving/etc I decided to wait till we are settled in our new place}

6. Go camping here

7. Get more organized {this mainly pertains to our bedroom closets}

8. Daily walks with the kids and dog

9. Finish decorating Tay and Teddy's room { ahhhh this has been been an area of much discussion between me and the mister we will leave this area of procrastination in my life for another post}

10. Have a full out picnic...picnic basket included at the park

So what is everyone's plans/hopes/goals for the summer???

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