Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Versatile Blogger

I am so excited!!! I got my first blog award from Jessica over at Mommyhood:Next Right....I lurveeee her blog go read it now!! And thanks again Jessica! One award to-do is to write 7 random things about myself. Thought I would do that tonight, since tomorrow night we are headed to Florida for the long awaited move....yay its finally here!!! Anywho here it is....

7 Random facts about Mrs.R:
1. I want 5 kids.....Thomas wants 2 or 3......don't think the 5 is going to happen.
2. Whenever I make brownies for dessert I eat some for breakfast the next morning.....every morning till they are gone.
3. I love being pregnant and would totally be a surragote.

4. I had Teddy in our bathroom with just me, Tay, and Thomas.....definitely NOT planned we didn't make it to the hospital more on that another day.

5. I have to be high school I was on the volleyball team, lacrosse team, crosscountry, belong to a competitive dance company, worked part time, National honor society, bake club, volunteered on a regular basis. Now looking back I don't know how I did all the crap, and still had a social life. Nonetheless I still LOVE being busy, and will create things for me to do so that I can be busy.

6. Our date night dinner place depends on if they provide a bread basket.....I am obsessed with bread and have been known to eat the whole basket of warm yummy goodness all on my own ;)

7. I really enjoy cleaning. I am serious I love when I go to someone's house and they have laundry needing to be folded or dishes to be done.....weird I know.

So there you have it THANKS again I get to pick 15 other blogs for the Versatility Award:

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If you were named by me as Versatile Blogger here are your to do's:

1. Link back to your nominator
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4. Enjoy the fact that someone else think's your blog is fabulous!!!! =)


  1. Congratulations! I LOVE bread too! :)

  2. thanksss!!! I know isn't great!!! =)

  3. Ahh, I'm super stoked and appreciative I made your 15 list!!! Wahoo!!!

    Now, as for number 4.) I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR THIS STORY!!!!! Seriously, this sounds so fascinating!

  4. LOL it was....pretty....interesting!!! I will post soon about it =)))