Wednesday, July 7, 2010

babyhood to toddlerhood.

Teddy is definately making{MADE} this transition....and FAST might I add. I guess it goes by fast for everyone, but geez the babyhood stage the second time around felt like it barely even happened. Maybe it had to do with the fact that 3 months after Teddy was born I started working at a wonderful non-profit that was a 2 hour way. Life was crazy the first year of his life.....with my far away job and Thomas Henry{I do not call my hubs this in real life but in blogging world I shall I've always wanted to and he would not respond to this if I tried his first name is Thomas and middle is Henry he goes by just Thomas} applying, getting accepting, and waiting for the Naval officer program. Hectic to say the least. Yes babyhood:

  • late night feedings

  • pureed peas

  • swaddeling

  • spit-up

is long gone and has been for a while. I have just recently came to this realization, since I've been back home and had some time to actually take a breath. But now I definately want time to slow down....ALOT please. Teddy has fully entered Toddlerhood:

  • walking

  • talking {baby talk mostly}

  • eating big people food

  • the word NO

  • on the verge of potty training.....

it amazes me that a baby

can grow into a walking, talking little human
in just 18 months

So any tips on how to slow everything down?? Please share your words of wisdom ;)


  1. Aww, he is too cute. I've always heard it goes by WAY too fast. My daughter is only 3 months but I feel like I just brought her home yesterday lol

  2. thanks for the comment!!! It really does I mean I heard that ALL the time when I was pregnant and was like yeah yeah.....but seriously it does. So sad, but wonderful at the same time =) and love your blog btw!!

  3. Oh man! You're right it does go by soooo quick!! But isn't fun!! =)

  4. My little boy is about to be four and I can't believe how quickly its gone!

  5. @jac- soooo much FUN!!!
    @becky four I can't even imagine him being that age!!!!