Friday, July 9, 2010

the List

Since I just started this blog, and some may not know our story......
I figured I would fill you in with our
It definately has not been easy{that is an understatement}
If I were to type our story which started when I was 14 it would
take hundreds of pages and you would definately stop reading
by paragraph two. Instead, I will save you the boredom and your time.
I shall do a little summary for ya, and a little fast forwarding.
Even better I will make one of my favorite things.....a

1. The end of my freshman year of college

We find out we are pregnant with Tay {unexpected blessing}
One month later Thomas's dad was in a diabetic coma
5 months into pregnancy he passed away=(

2. New beginnings came in April 2006 with the birth of our daughter Taylor.

3. Me and Thomas Henry both continued our
college careers....commuting
him 2 hrs me 1hr.

4. We both graduated college in June 2008 {YAY} and
announced we were preggers with baby #2 {expected blessing}

5. Thomas applied for teaching jobs that summer, but with the
recession on the horizon no such luck.....he resorted to another
year as a substitute teacher and I statyed home.

6. Janurary 2009 we welcomed our son Theodore into
the world.

7. With the money being tight and recession well in bloom I
decided to apply for jobs
{plus we desperately wanted to move}

8. Got the job! But it was 2 hrs away
easy solution: Thomas would get a job there
and we would move.

9. Thomas didn't get a teaching job, so no moving
for us I continued commuting to my far away job.

10. In the summer Thomas tells me he wants to apply to be
a Naval officer......and not just that but a Pilot.
July 4th, 2009 he proposes to me!

11. September 27th, 2009 we get married!!! {finally}

12. November 2009 he gets the acceptance letter!!

13. Feburary 2010 Thomas gets the call he is leaving late March
for Officer Candidate School{hooray}....all the while I am still commuting

mommy guilt has deeply set in.


14. two weeks later my dad finds out he has terminal lung cancer
who lives in Virginia....we are in Cali.

15. Two weeks after Thomas leaves me, our dog, and the kids pack
all {most} of our clothes, and fly to Virginia to spend time,
try to relief stress, help out my mom
and dad with everything.

16. June 2010 Thomas proud of him!!!
and next week we will be moving to Florida
to begin a new road in our journey.

So, there is us hopefully I was able to keep you during that long list!!! It has definately been a challenging, extremely difficult, but a wonderful journey. Somehow we celebrated being together for 8 years this year {almost married for one}, graduated college, and have two beautiful children. The powers that be {for me that's God} were definately watching out for us. When times began to get unbearable hopeless even.....somehow we got through them, and I managed to stay positive knowing we would eventually get a break. We finally did. But, not without some really hard work and dedication. My mom always says the best things in life are usually the ones you have to work for the most for.....words to live by in my book I have experienced it first hand.

Staying positive its a challenging do you do it???


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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad, I had no idea :( My thoughts and prayers will be with you guys.

  2. thanks katie =).....prayers are just what we need!!!

  3. What a wonderful story to learn about your life. Your kids are adorable! Welcome to blogging!

    Stopping by from SITS!

  4. Wow you all have had quite a journey!! I'm happy that things seem to have evened out for right now. I definitely believe that God works everything together somehow for good!

  5. @ ccg awww thank you and thanks for the welcome =)
    @cameron- I totally agree with you God always has a way to work things out =)

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  7. Love the list format!! I love your story too!! ;) Your dad is in my prayers still. And I KNOW you guys have a lot left to add onto that list!! Many many more numbers for sure!!

  8. Hi! I'm here from the Click Carnival. Pleased to meet you! I hope you will take time to visit my blog and enter to win some of the many giveaways happening now. You might win a gorgeous Stella & Dot necklace!

    Happy Clicking!
    Homemaker Honey

  9. @homemaker honey- hi I will definately be checking that out I love stella&dot!!! thanks for stopping by ;)

  10. Wow! Thank you for sharing your journey. I will say a prayer for your dad. I am sorry that he has to go through this and that you live far. Thank you for visiting today! You have a new follower! I look forward to following your journey!

    Mama Hen

  11. You've had some an interesting journey already. I bet you are excited to see where life takes you next! Thanks for the visit to my blog. I look forward to getting to know more about you! Heather

  12. @mamahen- thank you!!! We did live far, but now we will live much closer being in Florida. Which is such a blessing.
    @heather-It has been pretty interesting to say the least lol I look forward to getting to know you more too =)

  13. Best wishes go out to you on the move. I hope this new road brings you and your family all that you need to be happy.

  14. @ Judy- Thank you for the positive words!!!